diy flannel cotton pads


This is a little project I did about a month ago that was well worth the time. I saw this post on the Chicago based site Litterless. For years I had been buying disposable cotton pads for eye makeup removal, never thinking how easy it would be to swap them out for a reusable version. Always happy to eliminate stuff that requires a trip to the store and laying down cash!

With my reusable ones I now no longer have to run to the store to buy them when I run out. They are easy to clean – I just wash them by hand with a little soap – and they dry quickly. I used a glass to trace my circles onto cotton flannel I bought as remnants. Then I used my sewing machine to sew a narrow zigzag stitch around the perimeter of two circles placed on top of eachother. I did the zigzag stitch twice to help prevent fraying. This worked really well.

The only issue I’ve had is the cotton flannel does lose its original fuzzy softness pretty quickly once you start washing them. I think next time I make them, I’ll likely try a fabric that will remain softer after washes. But regardless, these work great and are gentle enough for removing eye makeup. And of course reusable means less waste!



silver lake court stair walk #27

Anyone who knows me has heard me prattle on about my love for Charles Fleming’s book Secret Stairs of Los Angeles. Well as if that weren’t enough, here I am going on again in blog form. Well, I don’t give a damn. This book is the best! For me, it’s opened up new perspectives on the LA landscape, inspired me to explore more neighborhoods on foot and expanded my fruit foraging repertoire. So if you don’t have the book, go get a copy! And if you do, I’ll see you out steppin.

This walk starts at Allesandro Elementary school near the intersection of Riverside Drive and Fletcher, taking you up and along Corralitas Red Car Trail (“Silver Lake Court” in the book) a wide dirt road where the old Pacific Electric Red Car trolley line used to run. Check out this blog for more information on the history of the Corralitas Red Car Property:

Best explore this area now while you can. The site is currently being developed with uber-modern upscale single family homes. Here is an Eastsider LA article from late last year about was is being branded as the “Periscope” properties. Whether or not the entirety of the former Red Car line trail will remain open to the public has yet to be determined.

F1317 Viaduct from Menlo 1928-09-13

Trestle crosses what is now Fletcher. Photo: LA City Engineering, 1928.

Lovely views abound once you start to ascend into the Silver Lake hills above the “trail.” This walk also takes you past the Holyland Exhibition, a small museum which houses a collection of artifacts once belonging to religious explorer and seeker of the Ark of the Covenant, Antonia Futterer. I am definitely planning to do this walk again to coincide with a visit. Here is KCET feature on the museum and their unique collections:

I highly recommend enjoying a beverage or snack at Spoke Bicycle Cafe after your stair walk. It’s a quick bike ride or drive from your starting point.




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